Alyse Taylor-Anyikire

Senior Policy Analyst
NGA Energy, Infrastructure & Environment

Alyse Taylor-Anyikire, Ph.D., serves as a senior policy analyst on the NGA Solutions: Center for Best Practices’ Energy, Infrastructure & Environment team.

At NGA, Alyse advises governors offices on electricity policy, energy cybersecurity, grid modernization, utility regulation, as well as energy resilience and security.

Prior to joining NGA, Alyse worked for the Boston Consulting Group as a strategy consultant in their energy and technology practices. She focused on helping electricity utilities, technology firms, and oil and gas companies refine their business strategy and modernize their R&D portfolios. After leaving BCG, Alyse moved to the Department of Energy as an AAAS Fellow. In her first role in the Office of Policy, she focused on policy and technology challenges related to electricity markets, energy efficiency, distributed energy resources and cybersecurity. In her second role in the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER) she focused on cybersecurity R&D for energy delivery systems.

Alyse has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a focus in power systems and renewable energy. Her graduate work focused on bridging the gap between innovative research in power systems and appropriate policy and regulatory changes. She also has a master’s in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Public Policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Florida A&M University.

Alyse hails from Texas by way of Missouri.