David Casalaspi

Senior Policy Analyst
NGA Education

David Casalaspi, Ph.D., is a senior K-12 policy analyst at NGA. Prior to joining NGA, Casalaspi worked as a professor of education policy at Colby College, where he led education research projects, taught courses on contemporary policy issues and built research-based partnerships with local school districts and government agencies. Prior to that, he worked as a research assistant and fellow in the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University.

Casalaspi brings extensive knowledge of various K-12 policy issues to the NGA education team as well as many years of experience assisting policymakers at the state, local and city levels. In addition to his work at Colby and MSU, Casalaspi has served as a policy adviser to the mayors of Detroit and Charlottesville, a collaborator with the Maryland Equity Project and a research partner with various local school districts in Michigan, Massachusetts, New York and Maine.

Casalaspi holds a Ph.D. in education policy from Michigan State University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia.