Jeffrey S. McLeod

Division Director
Homeland Security & Public Safety Division

Jeffrey McLeod serves as the director for the NGA Center for Best Practice’s Homeland Security and Public Safety Division, where he directs research, policy analysis, technical assistance and resource development.  The division, under McLeod, is working on a number of key issues relevant to governors’ efforts to develop and support the implementation of policy, including cybersecurity, prescription drug abuse, public safety broadband, sentencing and corrections, homeland security, justice information-sharing and public health preparedness.

Prior to joining NGA, McLeod worked as an attorney in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and taught middle school in Phoenix, Arizona.

McLeod holds a master’s degree in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University, a J.D. from University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and a bachelor’s degrees in English and psychology from the University of Michigan.

Jeffrey originally hails from Michigan.

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