Shanelle Oliver

Policy Coordinator
NGA Center for Best Practices

Shanelle Oliver serves as the Policy Coordinator for the Workforce Development & Economic Policy Program, as well as the K-12 Education Policy Program. Prior to NGA, Shanelle spent years working with the DC Government in the Department of Human Services TANF Office of Work Opportunity. While working with DC Government, she focused on implementing system tracking and creating procedural methods for training, to ensure better reporting processes as well as better outcomes for the customers. Before moving to D.C., Shanelle was the Program Director at the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness, where she ran the Michigan Campaign to End Homelessness AmeriCorps Program.

Shanelle received her bachelor’s degree in social relations and policy from Michigan State University’s James Madison College of Public Policy. Shanelle is an avid community volunteer and advocate; she is especially passionate about the Youth & Government program, where she actively volunteers with the Michigan, Maryland and D.C. programs every year.

Shanelle originally hails from Michigan.