Policy Positions Archive

  • Principles for National Infrastructure Investment

    DOWNLOAD: NGA Infrastructure Principles Infrastructure is the foundation states are built upon. It impacts everything from economic development and global competitiveness, to our quality of life, safety, environment and ...

  • HHS-01 Health and Human Services

    1.1 Preamble Governors across the country face significant challenges in their efforts to ensure the sustainability of health care and human services programs amidst rising health care costs and uncertainty in human services ...

  • Principles for State-Federal Relations

    Governors believe that federal action should be limited to those duties and powers delegated to the federal government under the Constitution.  We favor the preservation of state sovereignty when legislating or regulating ...

  • Commerce

    Governors believe that commerce is the engine of economic development and job creation. Read the guiding principles and positions.

  • Transportation and Infrastructure

    Governors affirm the following guiding principles in federal laws, regulations, and practices regarding transportation and infrastructure.

  • Public Finance

    Governors support the preservation of public financing – notably tax-exempt financing. See the guiding principles on this issue.

  • K-12 Education Reform

    Read governors' position on this issue. Governors believe the following key principles should be addressed in any federal bills on elementary and secondary education.

  • Child Nutrition

    Governors recognize the importance of ensuring that children have access to meals of high nutritional value. Yet, far too many of America's children don't have reliable access.

  • Early Childhood Education

    Early childhood education is critical for early workforce development and strong state economies. Governors believe states and the federal government must partner in this effort.