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Our health data and workforce team assists states with data collection and analysis, policy coordination, recruitment and retention and health care workforce redesign. Strategies included accessing health workforce data sources (such as licensure data and all-payer claims databases), aligning education and training outcomes with population health needs, increasing diversity and cultural competency, removing barriers to entry for new professionals moving to the state, maximizing health technology to reach populations in rural and underserved areas and integrating mental/behavioral health and oral health care with primary and acute care.


Informing Health Care Workforce Policy By Leveraging Data: A Toolkit For States

Ensuring an adequately trained and well-distributed health workforce is critical to maintaining the health and well-being of the population. Imbalances in supply and distribution make it challenging for already overburdened providers to meet the needs of their communities and threaten states’ ability to effectively prepare a workforce response in times of public health crises. State policy makers need accurate health care workforce data to assess the supply, demand, and distribution of health care providers and to plan for the future. Accurate health workforce data will help states achieve an appropriate balance of clinicians in the right settings and geographic locations to meet demand.

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Meet Our Team

Lauren Block
Program Director, Health Care Transformation, Workforce, And Interoperability

Kate Johnson
Program Director, Healthcare Cost And Coverage

Kelsey Ruane
Policy Analyst

Health Data and Workforce Library

The Future of  State Telehealth Policy

The Future of State Telehealth Policy

This paper summarizes the types of telehealth policy flexibilities provided by states and the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic and longer-term considerations for Governors regarding the impact of such ...
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Information Systems and Data Flow for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Administration

Information Systems and Data Flow for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Administration

The paper discusses systems and data flow implications for vaccine allocation, distribution, administration, tracking, and reporting, including a visual depiction of the various information systems and roles of key entities ...
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Informing Health Care Workforce Policy by Leveraging Data: A Toolkit for States

Informing Health Care Workforce Policy by Leveraging Data: A Toolkit for States

By collecting standardized information on licensed health care professionals, states can streamline health care workforce data collection and analysis to address key policy questions and improve health care access and ...
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Governor Considerations Regarding Crisis Standards of Care

As part of state public health emergency preparedness initiatives, many states have developed guidelines or frameworks to address crisis standards of care (CSC). CSC are intended to help health systems ...
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Gubernatorial Strategies for Telehealth

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the nation, states are taking sweeping actions to restrict individuals from congregating and encouraging self-quarantine to flatten the curve of the virus. One of ...
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Gubernatorial Strategies for Health Care Workforce and Facility Capacity

COVID-19 is posing a serious threat to the nation’s health care workforce. As cases continue to rise, there will be increasing demand and strain on the health care workforce in ...
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Information Sharing 101: Protecting Public Health Data

NGA is excited to announce the launch of a webinar series on Legal Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies. This four-part series is hosted in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for ...
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NGA Selects 6 States to Address the Health Care Workforce Needs of a Modern Delivery System

The National Governors Association (NGA) competitively selected six states -- Connecticut, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York and Oklahoma -- to participate in a new project to advance capacity to ...
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Health Care Workforce Redesign

Scope of Practice Scope of practice defines the types of services that a particular health care worker can provide as well as the circumstances under which such services can be ...
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