2018-06-27 National Governors Association

Data and Analytics

Access to data is crucial for achieving health system transformation focused on improving people’s health and the quality of health care they receive, while at the same time reducing the overall growth in health care costs for families and the government. State leaders need access to comprehensive data, as well as the tools and resources to analyze and understand that data, to drive evidence-based policymaking. Similarly, health care providers and systems need access to data to improve the health of their patients while driving toward greater efficiency.

The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) is helping states use their current data resources to inform future policies and programs, fostering the development of evidence-based solutions to states’ most pressing health concerns, and developing tools to remove barriers to sharing data. The NGA Center’s work on data use also focuses on operational concerns regarding federal, state, and organizational privacy laws and regulations that restrict data sharing and interoperability.