Managing and Achieving Better Results for Residents: Training Workshop

This training session will introduce state government officials to Results for America’s Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence and the Blueprint for Delivering Results in State Government.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM ET

This session will feature state leaders that have implemented exemplary approaches for strategic goal setting, performance management, and coordinating those efforts to inform budgeting decisions and priorities. Participants will learn actions and strategies they can implement in their state to make progress on the Managing for Results theme in the Blueprint.


Welcoming and Framing Remarks by the National Governors Association and Results for America | 2:30 PM ET


  • ● The National Governors Association and Results for America welcome participants with an overview of the training sessions
  • ● Discuss sessions as training opportunities designed by states and for states seeking to help them advance evidence-based policymaking and results
  • ● Emphasize the supports that Results for America and the National Governors Association can provide to state government leaders

Facilitated Activity: Managing for Results| 2:40 PM ET

Through a facilitated activity, participants will become familiar with the Managing for Results theme, strategies, and actions.


  • ● Set the stage by introducing Managing for Results theme through an interactive session
  • ● Describe the Managing for Results theme to encourage participants to implement relevant Strategies and Actions
  • ● Help participants identify where their state has made progress on this theme, and where more progress could be made

Panel: Managing and Achieving Better Results for Residents | 2:50 PM ET

This panel will feature leaders from state governments that have achieved excellence in the Managing for Results theme. They will describe their state’s models for strategic goal setting, performance management, and budgeting processes.


● Panelists will describe how they manage for results.
● Provide a deep-dive into three distinct models of how state governments undertake strategic planning, executive leadership engagement, and community engagement
● Participants learn how these approaches could be applied in their home state

Legislative Finance Committee Perspective: Why Performance Data Matters for State Legislatures? | 3:15 PM ET

Charles Sallee, Deputy Director for Budget at the New Mexico

Legislative Finance Committee will provide an overview of LFC’s support of the alignment performance management and budgeting from a legislative perspective.

Session Objectives:

  • • Summarize how performance data plays a role in the legislative process, and why it matters especially in the current state fiscal environment
  • • Describe how states legislatures can leverage performance data in their budget decision-making, including by engaging with executive leadership
  • • Educate leaders on building relationships with legislative staff to build a broad coalition of evidence champions in the legislative and executive branches of government

Wrap Up and Breakout Introductions | 3:25 PM ET

Michael Bonino-Britsch, Policy Analyst, National Governors Association

Networking Breakout Sessions | 3:30 PM ET

Participants will be randomly sorted into breakout groups. In each group, participants will discuss their lessons learned and their next steps.


  • ● Participants will network and connect with peers from other states through a loosely structured conversation
  • ● Participants will identify immediate next steps they can apply in their state’s context