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2017 NGA Winter Meeting

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Washington, District of Columbia (February 24-27)



  Joint Plenary: Ending Childhood Hunger
Improving Lives and Investing in America’s Future

  Hot Topics Plenary

  Closing Session
Infrastructure Spurring Innovation


  Press Conference
Gov. McAuliffe, Gov. Sandoval, Senator Alexander and Senator Hassan

Media Coverage

Below is a list of top news coverage from the 2017 Winter Meeting.

Governors Balancing Budgets the Size of Big Businesses
U.S. News (op-ed by Executive Director and CEO Scott Pattison) | Feb. 28, 2017
When asked in a recent poll, voters said they were more optimistic about their state's future than the country's. I can't say I'm too surprised. As CEO of the National Governors Association, the collective bipartisan voice of the nation's governors, I work with governors and state officials every day who are implementing policies that improve people's lives. The reason is simple: Governors are the CEOs of their states, and people hold them accountable.

Trump Concedes Health Law Overhaul Is ‘Unbelievably Complex’
The New York Times | Feb. 27, 2017
President Trump, meeting with the nation’s governors, conceded Monday that he had not been aware of the complexities of health care policy-making: “I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” The president also suggested that the struggle to replace the Affordable Care Act was creating a legislative logjam that could delay other parts of his political agenda.

Governors face uncertainty in the Trump era
Politico | Feb. 28, 2017
A record 46 of the nation’s 50 governors were in D.C. for the annual meeting of the National Governors’ Association, along with sideline meetings for the Democratic Governors’ Association and the Republican Governors’ Association. The state executives ate lunch with Vice President Mike Pence on Friday, and were scheduled to visit the White House for dinner with President Donald Trump on Sunday night, followed by meetings with White House staff and members of Congress on Monday.

Trump toasts nation's governors ahead of health care talks
Associated Press | Feb. 27, 2017
President Donald Trump toasted the nation's governors Sunday night, welcoming state leaders to a black-tie ball at the White House ahead of discussions about his plans to repeal and replace the so-called Obamacare law. Trump welcomed 46 governors and their spouses to the annual Governors' Ball at the White House, the first major social event of his administration. The president congratulated first lady Melania Trump on the elegant candle-lit event in the State Dining Room, telling the audience, "The room, they say, has never looked better, but who knows."

Angling for a Comeback, Democratic Governors Sharpen Focus on Jobs
The New York Times | Feb. 26, 2017
As Democrats battle President Trump on a multiplying array of issues, from immigration and climate change to health care and transgender rights, a group of Democratic governors is pressing the party to set one concern above all the rest: jobs. Gathered in Washington for a conference of the National Governors Association, Democratic leaders from the states expressed optimism that Mr. Trump had opened the way for a Democratic comeback by governing from the hard right and in a haphazard manner.

Trump: ‘Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated’
The Washington Times | Feb. 27, 2017
President Trump on Monday said Republicans are working out a “very good” plan to repeal and replace Obamacare before the party tackles tax reform, though he appeared to be caught off-guard by the magnitude of the fight. “It’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated,” he told governors assembled at the White House.

Republican Governor Scott Walker Warns Against Medicaid Cuts
Newsweek | Feb. 28, 2017
It was not a statement one would expect to come out of the mouth of one of America’s most vocal enemies of “big government” and public sector spending. “You can’t cut Medicaid, there’s just no way about it,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said on Friday, reflecting the reality a lot of top state executives are facing when it comes to the pending health care overhaul in Congress.

House GOP plans to keep some Medicaid expansion — and steer money to states that never bought in
The Washington Post | Feb. 24, 2017
Congressional Republicans have been struggling for months to resolve one of the most vexing problems in their tortuous effort to replace the Affordable Care Act: What to do about the generous federal funding for states that broadened their Medicaid programs under the law, while not shortchanging the 19 states that balked at expansion?

Governors Disagree on Future of Medicaid Expansion, Obamacare
U.S. News | Feb. 27, 2017
Uneven implementation of President Barack Obama’s heath care law across states has created discord among governors about how to handle a portion of the law that extended coverage to millions of their poorest citizens. The lack of unity became apparent in Washington this week while governors huddled with Congress and President Donald Trump at the National Governors Association winter meeting. The issues mirrored that of Republicans in Congress who have been unable to agree on the timeline or details of a replacement plan for the health care law, sometimes known as Obamacare.

Trump hosts governors at White House
The Hill | Feb. 27, 2017
As celebrities walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday evening, President Trump hosted his own high-profile event at the White House. Amid the National Governors Association (NGA) winter meeting, Trump invited 46 state leaders to the White House for the Governors Ball. Vice President Pence and his wife joined the president and first lady Melania Trump in the Palm Room, according to the pool report.


Governors Adopt Policy Positions During NGA Winter Meeting
At the National Governors Association (NGA) Winter Meeting, governors adopted policy positions for the five NGA committees: Economic Development and Commerce (EDC), Education and Workforce (EdW), Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security and Public Safety (HSPS) and Natural Resources (NR).

NGA Winter Meeting Shines Spotlight on Bipartisanship, Governors’ Priorities
The nation’s governors gathered in Washington, D.C., for the 2017 National Governors Association Winter Meeting, February 24-27, 2017.

Governors, Spouses Discuss Strategies to End Childhood Hunger
At a special joint session of the National Governors Association (NGA) Winter Meeting including governors and their spouses, Virginia First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe and NGA Vice Chair Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval co-moderated a session on ending childhood hunger.

Early Education Takes Center Stage At Governors’ Opening Session
Governors kicked off their 2017 NGA Winter Meeting with a session on early childhood education and its importance in building a strong foundation for economic success in the next generation of American leaders.

NGA Winter Meeting Breaks Attendance Record
A record number of governors will attend the 2017 National Governors Association (NGA) Winter Meeting.

Gov. Branstad Commemorated at 2017 NGA Winter Meeting
On Feb. 26, 2017, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad will receive an award for his service as the nation’s longest-serving governor ever at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting.


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