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Governor Rufus Brown Bullock

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Office Dates:  Jul 04, 1868 - Oct 30, 1871


Born:  Mar 28, 1834

Passed:  Apr 27, 1907

Birth State:  New York

Party:  Republican

Family:  Married Marie Salisbury

School(s):  Albion Academy

Military Service:  Army

RUFUS BROWN BULLOCK, Georgia's 31st Governor, was born in Bethlehem, New York, on March 28, 1834. In 1850 he graduated from the Albion Academy and then entered into a career in telegraphy, in which he became an expert. During the Civil War, he worked for the Confederacy, setting up railroad and telegraph lines, and attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel. After his military duty, he served as president of the Macon and Augusta Railroad in 1867, and established the Augusta First National Bank. Bullock entered politics as a delegate to the 1867 and 1868 Georgia Constitutional Convention. In April 1868, he was elected Governor of Georgia, and on July 21, 1868, he was sworn into office. His tenure was marked by controversy and corruption charges. An enormous amount of state funds was spent by his administration and committees; and the Western and Atlantic Railroad, which had always turned a sizable profit, now suffered a huge debt due to mismanagement and patronage hiring. Bullock also was accused with peddling pardons, bribing the press, and ransacking the state penitentiary. He answered back by stating that Georgia had not abided by the Reconstruction laws established by Congress. With his power evaporating and charges mounting against him, Bullock resigned from office on October 23, 1871, and fled the state. In 1876 he was arrested and returned to Georgia, where he stood trial on embezzlement charges and was found not guilty due to a lack of evidence. After his trial, Bullock stayed in Atlanta where he served as president of the Atlantic Cotton Mills, president of the Chamber of Commerce, and director of the Union Pacific Railroad. Governor Rufus B. Bullock died on April 27, 1907, and he is buried at the Mt. Albion Cemetery in Albion, New York.


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