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Governor Thomas Wharton

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Office Dates:  Aug 06, 1776 - May 23, 1778

Died in office

Born:  Jan 01, 1735

Passed:  May 23, 1778

Birth State:  Pennsylvania

THOMAS WHARTON JR. was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He served on the committee that called a convention to meet ten days after the Declaration of Independence was signed for the purpose of framing Pennsylvania’s first Constitution. The convention in turn appointed twenty-five people to a Committee of Safety that held executive authority. Wharton was selected to membership on that committee and was elected President of the Supreme Executive Council - March 5, 1777, the equivalent of state governor. During Wharton’s gubernatorial administration, the Revolutionary War raged in and around Philadelphia and Congress was forced to move to York while Pennsylvania’s Executive Council moved to Lancaster just before the British entered Philadelphia. Wharton died while in office.

Note: Actual month and day of birth are not known.


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