WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today issued the following statement regarding the National Defense Authorization Act Conference Report:

“The conference report released yesterday made significant improvements from the Air Force’s earlier proposals, which would have disproportionately cut the Air National Guard. While the Armed Services committees did not adopt a full freeze for 2013, we appreciate the adjustments made to address some of governors’ concerns about manpower, mobility aircraft and fighter aircraft.

“We also appreciate the creation of an independent commission to study and address many of the long-term strategic issues that have been discussed this year. It will be critical that the Guard is represented on this commission.

“Governors’ key recommendation has been and remains putting a process in place to incorporate state perspectives on the Guard and improve the budget process to avoid these conflicts in the future. Governors remain committed to working with the Department of Defense on a long-term solution that better meets fiscal responsibilities while ensuring the Guard’s continued ability to fulfill its mission at home and abroad.”