WASHINGTON—To improve birth outcomes in the United States, the National Governors Association (NGA) today announced the selection of four states—Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana and Michigan—to participate in a Learning Network on Improving Birth Outcomes.

The goal of the Learning Network is to assist states in developing, implementing and aligning their key policies and initiatives related to the improvement of birth outcomes, as measure by the incidence of preterm births and infant mortality. NGA will convene in-state sessions with the selected states to facilitate this process and convene a networking conference for that group of states to share lessons learned and to further their respective planning processes.

“Many states have started working on initiatives that will improve birth outcomes,” said NGA Executive Director Dan Crippen. “The focus of this Learning Network will be to align existing programs and to help states take advantage of new initiatives that can further their goals in this area.”

The Learning Network will focus on demonstrated best practices of states that have improved birth outcomes. Participating states will learn about coordinating activities across agencies and options to accelerate the pace of improving outcomes and reducing costs.

This will be the first of three opportunities for states to participate in this Learning Network. Four states will be selected for each Learning Network round, with a total of 12 states participating.

The initiative is part of the Alliance for Information on Maternal and Child Health Services (AIM). AIM is sponsored by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of Health Resources and Services Administration of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

To learn more about NGA’s health division, please visit www.nga.org/cms/center/health.