August 12-13, 2013 | Washington, DC

During August 12-13, 2013, the National Governors Association held a policy academy meeting on Developing State-Level Capacity to Support Super-Utilizers in Washington, D.C.  The meeting brought together the seven states participating in a yearlong policy academy for the first time. The chosen states will develop state action plans that will guide how they improve the delivery and financing of care for super-utilizers. The meeting allowed the states to interact with federal officials, subject matter experts, and other states. States discussed a path forward for addressing the challenges of developing a sustainable, state-facilitated super-utilizer strategic plan.

This day-and-a- half workshop also allowed the policy academy states to learn about the building blocks for designing an effective, statewide super-utilizer model. Plenary and breakout topics covered:

  • Establishing cross-state collaboration and critical partnerships;
  • Optimizing delivery models;
  • Designing alternative payment strategies;
  • Leveraging data and information technology solutions;
  • Identifying workforce needs; and
  • Learning strategies to institute system and process changes.



Day One Keynote Address

  • Dan Crippen, executive director, National Governors Association

Establishing Cross-State Collaboration and Critical Partnerships

  • Jennifer Ho, senior advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Allen Dobson, president, Community Care of North Carolina
  • Jason Helgerson, director and deputy commissioner, Medicaid, New York State Department of Health

Optimizing Delivery Models and Continuity of Care

  • Stephen Friedhoff, national medical director, Amerigroup Corporation

The Importance of Community Linkages

  • Mimi Toomey, director, Office of Policy Analysis and Development, Administration for Community Living, Administration on Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • George Jones, chief executive officer, Bread for the City

Developing Viable Payment Strategies

  • Scott Leitz, assistant commissioner, Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • Andy Baskin, national medical director, Quality Performance, Aetna Inc.

Data and Information Technology Solutions

  • David Mancuso, chief, Program Research and Evaluation Section, Research and Data Analysis Division,Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
  • Aaron Truchil, manager of research, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
  • Linda Green, vice president, Projects, Freedman Healthcare, LLC

Identifying Workforce Needs

  • Steve Edelstein, national policy director, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
  • Christine Snead, program director, Care Coordination, Baylor Quality Alliance
  • Marc Fenton, president and chief executive officer, Public Partnerships, Public Consulting Group

Day Two Keynote Address

  • Jeffrey Brenner, founder and executive director, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

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