May 2-3, 2005 | Santa Fe, NM & June 20-21, 2005 | Miami, FL

Improving Public Safety through Criminal Justice Information Sharing

The CJIS Regional Executive Policy Forums were designed for governors, criminal justice policy advisors and CJIS policy executives to come together and focus on the sustainability of CJIS programs that would foster the sharing of information across the justice system. In light of efforts to secure the nation since 9/11, existing CJIS networks can provide a backbone through which to share this critical information. More than 35 states attended these forums focusing on three major themes:

These forums educated participants and provided them an opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field and their peers. Participants returned to their states with an important message on the sustainability of CJIS recognizing the need to provide resources and funding to maintain and build systems that provide vital information to law enforcement, prosecutors, corrections, and victim's advocates.