September 8-9, 2008 | Arlington, VA

The NGA Center hosted an Executive Policy Forum on Cyber and Electronic Crime with support from the National Institute of Justice.

During the forum more than 60 senior-level policy makers, executives from the private sector, and federal representatives were educated about emerging and existing cyber and electronic threats and methods for addressing them. The forum was led by a faculty of industry experts, successful state practitioners, and academics, who provided detailed suggestions for addressing issues such as child exploitation; identity theft; youth electronic crimes; and victim remediation. Other sessions focused on policies for teaching prevention, protecting states' electronic assets, and reducing electronic evidence backlogs.



  • Social Web Sites, Integrated Technologies, and Email: Tools and Training Necessary for Catching the Bad Guys
    • Rick Lane, vice president, Government Affairs, News Corporation, Ltd.
    • Jay Chaudhuri, special counsel to the Attorney General, North Carolina Department of Justice
    • Kelly Harris, deputy director, SEARCH Consortium
  • Protecting Civil Rights
    • John Morris, senior staff counsel, Center on Democracy and Technology
  • Victim Impact and Remediation Strategies
    • Laura Ivkovich, social science program specialist, Office of Victims of Crime
    • Russell Butler, executive director, Maryland Crime Victim's Resource Center, Inc.
  • Teaching Prevention
    • Marsali Hancock, president, Internet Keep Safe Coalition
    • Marian Merritt, internet safety advocate, Symantec Corporation
  • Security — Now More than Ever…a Delaware Perspective
    • Tom Jarett, chief information officer, State of Delaware
  • Prosecuting Cyber Crimes: Innovative State laws, Legal Challenges, and how New Hampshire Reduced its Cyber Crime Backlog