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Policy not Politics

In addition to being the Governors' policy platform in Washington, NGA facilitates discussion and debate around the most pressing policy topics facing the states. When our members gather to conduct the business of government, there's no campaign fundraising and no political posturing.

Ideas not Ideology

NGA meetings seek to promote practical and innovative solutions to policy challenges regardless of political trends, partisan hype or one-sided thinking. Event participants are thought leaders in their field.

Substance not Spin

NGA events and policy forums offer an atmosphere for solutions-oriented policy discussion, recognizing a variety of viewpoints and a commitment to collaboration and compromise.

Collaboration not Rhetoric

NGA provides a trusted, bi-partisan environment for high level exchange of ideas and viewpoints. NGA is a positive forum for your CEOs and senior executives to elevate their thought leader profile.

Inclusive not Exclusive

NGA welcomes you regardless of the size of your organization or industry you represent. We encourage business diversity in order to create robust and productive policy discussions.

Leaders not Followers

Governors are the CEOs of their states and some of the most powerful officials in the world. NGA is a place for them to demonstrate strong executive leadership regardless of party affiliation.

NGA Partners Membership Offers

  • C-Suite & Executive Engagement

  • Meetings, Networking & Workgroups

  • Thought Leadership Opportunities

  • Resources & Content Sharing

Events & Programs

  • Winter & Summer Meetings

  • CEO Roundtable & Dinners

  • Policy Work Groups

  • Future of States Symposium

  • Seminar for New Governors (2018)

  • Conference Calls

  • Policy Briefing Sessions

  • Policy Breakfasts

  • State Policy Directors Retreat

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