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The significant and continued growth of cyber-attacks against the United States makes cybersecurity a critical issue for all Governors. To help states address the consequences of the rapidly evolving and expanding technological threats now faced by law enforcement agencies, public works and energy agencies, private financial and communications sectors and the general public, NGA launched a Resource Center for State Cybersecurity to provide Governors with resources, tools and recommendations to help craft and implement effective state cybersecurity policies and practices. To inform the work of the Resource Center, NGA is working with leading experts, practitioners, representatives from key state and federal agencies and representatives from private industry to develop resources and tools and to provide strategic recommendations on state cybersecurity issues.


Some states have invested in teams of volunteers to strengthen cyber incident response activities and mitigate losses. At the 2022 National Summit on State Cybersecurity leaders from Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin discussed the strengths and challenges of their programs and the diverse ways this model can be leveraged to address a growing number of cybersecurity needs across the community. Watch the full session below and read a case study of their programs.

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NGA Cybersecurity Library

Gov. McAuliffe: States Central to Thwarting Cyber Attacks

BOSTON—National Governors Association (NGA) Chair Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe today delivered a keynote address as part of the first regional summit for his chair’s initiative, Meet The Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge ...
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Gov. McAuliffe Holds Second Cyber Roundtable

WASHINGTON—Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe hosted an education and workforce cyber event last week as part of a series of roundtables highlighting his National Governors Association (NGA) chair’s initiative, Meet the Threat: States ...
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Gov. McAuliffe Holds First Cyber Roundtable

WASHINGTON—Today at the first official meeting for his 2016-17 National Governors Association (NGA) chair’s initiative, Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe addressed the intersection of cybersecurity and ...
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Gov. McAuliffe Named NGA Chair, Unveils Cyber Initiative

DES MOINES—Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe officially became the new chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) today at the closing session of the NGA Summer Meeting. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval was named vice ...
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States Bolster Cybersecurity Practices To Thwart Crime

WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today announced that five states— Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada and Oregon—will participate in a policy academy on developing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. “Threats to our cybersecurity remain one of the ...
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Small Business and Cybersecurity

Virtually any small business relies on technology and an Internet connection to thrive in today’s hyper-competitive, digital economy. Consequently, small businesses across the United States, who store financial and personal ...
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A Compact to Improve State Cybersecurity

The foremost duty of every governor is to safeguard the public safety and welfare of its residents; that includes protecting citizens from cybersecurity threats. Cyber threats pose serious risks to ...
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Cybercrime: What Can A Governor Do?

The state and local officials that comprise the homeland security and public safety community must confront all hazards to the public, including cybercrime. Yet many of those charged with investigating ...
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Building a Cybersecurity Workforce Pipeline

States confront four interrelated challenges to building, recruiting, and retaining a cybersecurity workforce. First, many companies are unable to find or hire employees who possess the skills necessary for writing ...
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State And Local Partnerships In Cybersecurity

“Cybersecurity is not just an ‘IT problem’ anymore. It is a critical business risk, homeland security and public safety threat, voter confidence issue and economic development opportunity. Cybersecurity requires commitment from state executives and officials to use all levers of state government to move forward.”

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