Private Health Insurance

Most people in the United States receive health care through private health insurance, either through an employer or through the individual market. Because states have regulatory oversight authority over large portions of their private health insurance markets, states and governors play a critical role in ensuring that individuals have access to quality and affordable private health insurance and in controlling costs and driving value in their markets.

NGA Health works with governors and their leadership to exercise policy levers to achieve their individual goals and to understand the requirements, options and flexibilities that exist within federal laws and regulations.

Publications and Resources


Projects and Meetings

  • Strategies to Address Unanticipated Out-of-Network Billing Roundtables| October and November 2018
  • Governors’ Bipartisan Health Reform Learning Network| 2017-2018
    • Bipartisan Health Reform Learning Network Mid-Project Meeting | October 2017
    • Bipartisan Health Reform Learning Network Kick-Off Meeting | May 2017
  • Enhancing Learning & Dialogue Regarding the Health Insurance Exchanges: A State Workgroup | 2016
  • Creating a Dialogue with HHS and Treasury about Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act to Maximize State Flexibility Roundtable | 2015