Texas, Brays Bayou Project

Following the devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the state of Texas, the city of Houston, and federal agencies have prioritized increasing resilience and reducing the risk of flooding in the Houston area. Project Brays, a partnership among the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Harris County Flood Control District, and state and local agencies, is estimated to cost $550 million and consists of more than 75 individual projects throughout the entire 31 miles of Brays Bayou. Projects include widening 21 miles of the Brays Bayou channel, modifying approximately 30 bridges to increase flow capacity, and creating four stormwater basins that can hold around 3.5 billion gallons of water.

Project Brays also work to bring much needed greenspace and recreational amenities to the communities along Brays Bayou through local initiatives led by strategic partners. The 75 projects that encompass Project Brays will greatly reduce the risk of flooding in the Houston area, benefitting thousands of residents and businesses along the Brays Bayou, and reduce the number of structures at flood risk in a 100-year flood from 16,800 to 1,800.

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