Key Insights

These insights were developed through intensive research, multidisciplinary expert and policymaker roundtables, and the Future Workforce Now State Policy Forum for Action with 28 states.

10 Pathways Towards Achieving Transformational Objectives

To achieve each of the Future Workforce Now transformational objectives, states must take action across all ten policy pathways. Visit this page to explore each pathway and the associated policies to prepare your future workforce for technological disruption.

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Explore Policy Examples by Keyword

Use this page to search by keyword to learn more about strategies states are using to innovate their education and workforce systems across pathways. Each example includes details on how states achieved these promising practices, including sample legislative text, financing plans, and outcomes data.

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State Roadmap for Preparing the Future Workforce Now

State efforts to maximize worker readiness in the age of disruption will inevitably vary from state to state. Across all policy pathways, states should consider ways to apply strategies including assessment, planning, resource allocation, and evaluation. Use this page to read case studies on how states have implemented each of these practices to achieve transformational policy change.

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The State Guide for Preparing the Future Workforce Now provides details of how governors are leading public and private partners across all pathways to transform their education and workforce systems.

  • Roadmap for Systems Change

    Employ a tested set of best practices for your state.

  • See State Case Studies

    Discover what other states are doing now to prepare.

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