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“Governors agree that overcoming our nation’s challenges requires working together — across party lines and across state lines.”

Governor Spencer Cox

“Housing is the most bipartisan issue facing our states right now. We all need to figure this out, and I think Governors have to lead the way.”

Governor Tina Kotek

“Virginia really targeted how we can provide better service and embrace AI, and we also added a whole side of citizen protection.”

Governor Glenn Youngkin
Governor 1

“To fill the jobs that these companies are looking for it’s about removing the barriers. That’s why childcare is really, really important.”

Governor Maura Healey

“We recognized early on that housing is the No. 1 issue facing working families.”

Governor Greg Gianforte

“Our political discussions must be a place where people come together to find common ground.”

Governor Jared Polis
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NGA 2024 Winter Meeting Session Videos


As Chair and Vice Chair of the National Governors Association, we were pleased to welcome the nation’s Governors and guests to Washington, D.C., on February 22-24, for the 2024 National Governors Association Winter Meeting. The Winter Meeting serves as an extremely important forum for bipartisan coordination on pressing issues including infrastructure investment, economic growth, workforce development and health care solutions.

It is our privilege to work with our fellow Governors to tackle pressing challenges and opportunities facing our states and territories. Through the NGA Chair’s Initiative: Disagree Better, Governors are joining forces to reduce partisan animosity and foster healthy debate by modeling a more positive and optimistic way of working through policy problems. We enjoyed a constructive series of solutions-driven conversations, as well as opportunities to engage with partners from the federal government and leaders from the business and philanthropic communities.

  • Governor Spencer Cox, NGA Chair
  • Governor Jared Polis, NGA Vice Chair


Americans need to disagree better. And by that we don’t mean that we need to be nicer to each other, although that’s helpful. We need to learn to disagree in a way that allows us to find solutions and solve problems instead of endlessly bickering.

The Disagree Better initiative will look at the problems of polarization, elevate the solutions that groups around the country are already implementing, and feature Governors showing what disagreeing better looks like.Through healthy conflict, we’re confident that we can find common ground and improve our families, our communities and our nation. Together, we can disagree better.

– Utah Governor Spencer Cox, NGA Chair

Center for Best Practices

Teams from the Center for Best Practices work with state policy leaders and other experts in fostering information sharing between states to research, develop and implement innovative solutions to public policy challenges. The only research and development firm that directly serves the nation’s Governors, the Center facilitates multi-state pilot programs, convenes subject-matter experts and hosts policy development forums across 14 program areas.

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Member Services

NGA’s membership team provides resources and assistance to Governors, Governors’ Spouses and their staff from election day through the final year in office. Through a variety of programs, NGA brings together senior staff to share innovative approaches to managing their offices, while NGA’s library of publications offers detailed analyses on topics from Governor’s office operation models to state government leadership practices.

Government Affairs

The Office of Government Relations works to ensure that Governors’ views are represented in shaping federal policy. Serving as policy experts and liaisons to Congress and executive branch agencies, NGA provides legislative analysis, tracks grant opportunities and shares guidance on implementation of federal policies – working closely with Governors, state-federal contacts and other state and local government organizations to coordinate state advocacy and action.

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