Ann LePage

State: Maine
Spouse: Gov. Paul LePage

Ann LePage became the first lady of Maine when her husband, Governor Paul LePage, was sworn into office as the state’s 74th governor on January 5, 2011. A Maine native, Mrs. LePage grew up with a strong work ethic and loyalty to family.

Believing family comes first, Mrs. LePage has been a strong supporter of her husband’s public service throughout their married lives. She also took a leading role in raising money for local booster programs. The first lady is grateful to have had the opportunity to work a part-time schedule while her children were young, and she is proud to be able to share in their achievements as successful adults.

As the first lady, Mrs. LePage is a passionate advocate for soldiers and military families. In addition, caring for her mother over the past few years has heightened her awareness of elder care and its importance in the community. Her time spent volunteering during her children’s school years has given her an inside view of how she can best serve public education initiatives through her role as first lady.

The LePages have been married for 26 years and have five children: Lindsay, Lisa, Paul II, Lauren and Devon Raymond.