The Office of Government Relations works to ensure that governors’ views are represented in shaping federal policy by maintaining regular contact with congressional leaders and key administration officials, keeping up-to-date information on critical state–federal issues and coordinating state action.

We work closely with governors’ Washington, D.C., office representatives, state-federal contacts and other state and local government organizations to maximize the effectiveness of NGA’s lobbying activities. Specifically, our staff serve as policy experts and liaisons to Congress and executive branch agencies and coordinate the work and policy activities of NGA committees.

Coronavirus Response

Governors have been on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. NGA provides policy experts for response management, serves as a liaison to Congress and federal agencies, and facilitates state cooperation and collaboration as governors address both the public health and economic aspect of this crisis.

For more please see our coronavirus response page or view some of the policy communications we have sent regarding these crises.

Policy Communications


Susie Perez Quinn—Director

Richard Lukas—Legislative Director
Economic Development & Commerce Committee

Mary Catherine Ott—Legislative Director
Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee

Stephen Parker—Legislative Director
Education & Workforce Committee

Maribel Ramos—Legislative Director
Health & Human Services Committee

Alex Whitaker—Legislative Director
Natural Resources Committee

Neil Ohlhausen—Legislative Associate

Courtney Scarbin—Project Coordinator

NGA Committees