Our membership support team provides resources, services and assistance to governors, governors’ spouses and their staff through the complete life-cycle of a governor’s term from election day through the final year in office. They also maintain a library of timeless advice and lessons learned from governors, governors’ chiefs of staff and senior staff, and governors’ spouses and their staff.

Member Services

Chiefs Meetings: NGA provides private work sessions during NGA’s Winter and Summer Meetings for chiefs of staff to meet with their counterparts and share ideas and innovations on timely issues. We also host a special convening for chiefs with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Professional Development Opportunities: Annual management seminars offer governors’ and spouses’ staff the chance to meet and share best practices and innovative approaches to managing their offices. There are no fees to attend and participants, when meeting in person, are responsible for their hotel and transportation costs..

Leadership and Management Publications: NGA offers a wide variety of publications that provide detailed analyses of governor’s office operation models and state government leadership practices.

Research Assistance: NGA conducts short-term research to provide a comparative analysis of common state management and operational practices.

Transition Consultations: NGA provides a full range of services and assistance for newly elected governors, governors facing a re-election year and governors departing office. These services focus either on organizing and operating the governor’s office or transitioning out of office.

NGA Governors’ Spouses’ Program: The NGA Spouses’ Program provides governors’ spouses with opportunities to share experiences, best practices and advice with colleagues about their unique roles and responsibilities during NGA’s Winter and Summer Meetings. Member Services also staffs a six-member, bipartisan Spouses’ Leadership Committee that guides the governors’ spouses’ program and activities.

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