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Coronavirus Response

Governors have been on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus and our experts have been tracking state actions and identifying solutions to address both the public health and economic aspect of this crisis.

For more please see our coronavirus response page or view some of the memo we have prepared for governors as they respond to these crises.

Most Recent Memos

  • Unemployment Insurance During COVID-19
    This memo describes: What current unemployment assistance flexibilities exist under the CARES Act and Continued Assistance Act; What presidential actions have been taken to provide additional unemployment compensation as CARES Act benefits expired; What states are doing to increase UI staffing and system capacity; What governors are doing to further improve access […]
  • Phased Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccines: State and Territorial Approaches
    This table provides information on state and territorial plans for phased allocation of COVID-19 vaccines. As initial supply of COVID-19 vaccines is limited, Governors are focused on prioritizing certain high-risk populations for vaccine allocation through a transparent and equitable process. It outlines state and territorial approaches according to Phases 1a-c, 2, and […]
  • State COVID-19 Vaccine Resources
    Governors of states and territories, working in close collaboration with local partners, have responsibility for a wide array of activities to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are effectively and equitably distributed and administered. COVID-19 Vaccine Resources State responsibilities for COVID-19 vaccines include determining allocations to critical populations; receiving vaccine allocations from the federal government; […]
  • Allocating COVID-19 Vaccines in Initial Phases of Distribution: Federal Recommendations and Considerations for States
    This memorandum summarizes federal recommendations regarding who should receive the initially limited vaccine first, how states are approaching allocation and implementation of federal recommendations in initial distribution phases, considerations for addressing challenges that may lie ahead, and appendices with additional information and resources. (View/Download) With Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) now issued by […]
  • States’ Winter Holiday and Celebration Safety Guidance during COVID-19
    This list outlines states’ health and safety guidance and considerations for winter holidays (e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year’s) and seasonal travel. This list does not address county or municipal guidance. Please note this list is not exhaustive of statewide actions. In addition to the below guidance, state guidance in effect regarding […]

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State Guide for Preparing the Future Workforce Now


The State Guide for Preparing the Future Workforce Now presents three transformational objectives necessary to truly reimagine workforce policy and prepare all current and future workers for success in a technology-rich economy. To explore policy pathways that help achieve each transformation, use the arrows to rotate the policy pathways wheel and click “explore” to dive deeper. You’ll be able to learn more about each policy pathway and have access to over 150 state examples of how other states are using these policy pathways to achieve their education and workforce development goals.

DOWNLOAD: State Guide for Preparing the Future Workforce Now