WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today released the following statement regarding the introduction of Marketplace Fairness, legislation long advocated for by NGA.

“The National Governors Association is encouraged by the bicameral, bipartisan introduction of Marketplace Fairness legislation. This issue has long been a top priority for NGA. 

“Marketplace fairness is about collecting taxes that are already owed on retail sales—it is not a new tax nor a tax on the Internet. Annually, states fail to collect more than $23 billion from taxable transactions conducted over the Internet or through catalogues. This legislation levels the playing field between Main Street and e-street. It means fair competition for consumers, helps states collect what is owed and does not cost the federal government a dime.

“This is an issue that Congress can and should fix. It’s an example of federal action that builds off state successes and demonstrates a desire to support innovation in a 21st century economy.”