Infrastructure is the foundation states are built upon. It impacts everything from economic development and global competitiveness to our quality of life, safety, environment and resiliency. Governors have taken action to enhance infrastructure, including creating new and increasing existing funding streams, advancing public-private partnerships, addressing regulatory delays, improving transparency and promoting innovation.

NGA Solutions supports governors’ efforts to advance infrastructure through state policies and programs. NGA Advocacy supports governors’ interests in the development of sound federal infrastructure policy.

Principles for National
Infrastructure Investment

The National Governors Association has released its principles, which spell out the bipartisan priorities of governors. Governors are calling on Capitol Hill to:

    • Create certainty and stability in long-term federal resources to ensure workforce and economic vitality through dedicated funding and financing.
    • Fix and expand existing infrastructure and invest in resiliency and security to modernize it for future generations.
    • Streamline project delivery, increase transparency, while achieving environmental protection.
    • Embrace new practices and technologies that provide innovative solutions to traditional infrastructure needs.

This site contains positions and updates on federal actions from NGA Government Relations and state policy insights from the Center for Best Practices.

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Infrastructure Hearings — 116th Congress

NGA Advocacy

The advocacy mission of the National Governors Association is to manage the state-federal relationship and governors’ key policy priorities to ensure that governors’ views are represented in the shaping of federal policy. NGA’s team coordinates state action on behalf of the association on Capitol Hill.

NGA Solutions

NGA Solutions: The NGA Center for Best Practices develops innovative solutions to today’s most pressing public policy challenges. NGA Solutions is the only research and development organization that directly serves the nation’s governors. It includes an Energy, Infrastructure & Environment team of state policy experts.