Preventing Targeted Violence

In August 2017, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office for Terrorism Prevention Partnerships awarded NGA a two-year grant to enable governors assist public and private entities and communities prevent acts of violent extremism. This project will take a unique approach by not focusing on any specific violent extremist ideology. Rather, this challenge will be viewed through a violence prevention lens, which will allow states to leverage their deep experience and tool sets from the violence prevention arena. Therefore, NGA refers to CVE as Preventing Targeted Violence to emphasize that states should focus on efforts that prevent individuals from seeking out violence to carry out and ideological aim, regardless of that ideology.

To achieve this goal, NGA will develop the Roadmap on Preventing Targeted Violence, a document that outlines lessons learned and recommended practices based on consultations with several government, private, academic and non-profit organizations. NGA is currently piloting a draft version of the Roadmap with four, competitively selected states: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia.

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