2017-04-24 National Governors Association

Human Capital Spring Learning Lab

April 24-25, 2017 | San Diego, CA

Meeting Objectives

  • Deepen understanding of high-leverage strategies to improve coherence of programs and policies. To do this, Learning Lab participants will:
    • Inventory their state’s principal and teacher landscape policies around recruitment, preparation, support, and retention;
    • Identify priority areas based on state needs; and,
    • Develop an action plan to align policies and programs that provide consistent expectations for teachers and leaders across the state.
  • Build and develop capacity to strengthen and align the governor’s agenda around principal and teacher quality.
  • Be part of an ESSA implementation community with states from across the country that will include the sharing of best practices and tools for effective engagement and outreach among governors’ offices, state education agencies, and other agencies implicated by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).



April 24, 2017

Welcome and Learning Lab Goals


  • Jared Billings, program director, Education Division, NGA Center
  • Danny Carlson, policy analyst, Education Division, NGA Center

State Panel: Moving Away from Piecemeal Policies and Programs


  • Jared Billings, program director, Education Division, NGA Center


  • Mary Sandy, executive director, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • Paul Katnik, assistant commissioner, Office of Educator Quality, Missouri Department of Education
  • Paul Fleming, assistant commissioner, Teachers and Leaders Division, Tennessee Department of Education

Breakout Sessions: State Case Studies

Group Session: ESSA Update


Group Session II: Leveraging School Leadership to Advance Teaching and Learning


State Team Time I

Hot Topics


April 25, 2017

Welcome and Meeting Agenda Overview


  • Jared Billings, program director, Education Division, NGA Center
  • Danny Carlson, policy analyst, NGA Center

Morning Session I: Exploring Opportunities Within the Changing Political


Morning Session II: Models for Promoting School Leader Success: Opportunities for State Support

  • Steve Tozer, founding coordinator, Urban Education Leadership Program, University of Illinois at Chicago

Breakout Sessions: Cross-State Consulting Protocol

State Team Time II