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NGA Future

The increasing pace and scope of technological innovation demands improved understanding of how technology will impact the ways in which citizens, business and governments interact. The NGA Future program aims to provide governors with insights into emerging technological trends and will bring together leading practitioners and thinkers on topics around economics, innovation and technology to inform discussion and debate on these critical issues.

Specific areas of focus include the tradeoffs inherent in increased connectivity, transactional payment technologies, distributed ledgers and their potential for state government, automation’s impact on the future of labor and the use of cognitive computing to improve public policy.


Why Elected Officials Have a Responsibility to Embrace Technology (Medium)
Government must embrace technology, work to implement it as widely as possible and develop solutions to mitigate any disruptive impact on citizens.

NGA Announces First-Ever Technology-Focused Office for States
Through NGA Future, state leaders will gain expertise and thought leaders will advise governors on the medium- and long-term impacts of technological disruption. 

NGA Future launches to advise states on emerging tech (StateScoop)
A new division of the National Governors Association will convene a network of experts to help governors understand how to capitalize on fast-moving technologies like AI, bitcoin and the Internet of Things.

Governors association launches new tech division addressing cyber (Inside Cybersecurity)
“Cybersecurity has been a top priority for NGA these last couple years…” Blute said in a video announcing the new NGA Future office. “We always have to keep security at the top of our minds.”

National Governors Association Forms Tech Division (Gov Tech)
Technology is getting a prominent seat at the table of one of the nation’s top associations representing state executives.

National Governors Association Looks to Future with New Program (Associations Now)
NGA Future plays off the fact that recent board chairs have focused intently on technology. The new effort could help foster thought leadership among state officials.

We’ve Already Seen Glimpses of the Future in Puerto Rico’s Recovery Efforts (Medium)
There are some promising signs to be found on the increasing role technology can play in responding to and recovering from serious disasters.

Governors prep for disruptive technology (GCN)
With the rapid pace of innovation, each governor and state CIOs can be challenged to keep up with emerging technology developments. The National Governors Association recently launched NGA Future, an initiative to give governors insights into potentially disruptive technology that is three to five years away.

Five Tech Predictions for 2018 (Medium)
NGA Future delves into autonomous transportation, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, health-tech and cybersecurity predictions for 2018.

Preparing for the Inevitable: The Future of Autonomous Vehicles (Medium)
Governors will be key in ensuring that government is prepared for the significant disruptions and the ripple effects autonomous transportation will have on society.

Technological Disruption and the Role of the Governor: A Roundtable Discussion (Medium)
As part of the 2018 NGA Winter Meeting, NGA Future brought together experts from the private sector, state government, academia and the advocacy community for an afternoon discussion on the role of governors in preparing states for technological disruptions.

Tech Will Disrupt Everything — And Then, What? (Medium)
How can governors explain to citizens who have been left behind and who are skeptical of cutting-edge technology that it’s all going to work out — that disruption will end up benefiting many rather than few? 

Preparing Governors for the Next Tech Disruption (Route Fifty)
Tim Blute, director of the National Governors Association’s new “NGA Future” initiative, has a difficult mission ahead of him: preparing governors and their staff for the next wave of technological innovation—and the policy and economic implications that come with it.