WASHINGTON— The National Governors Association (NGA) today unveiled a new website, State Health Policy Options. The site, http://statepolicyoptions.nga.org, is a virtual resource center developed by NGA that will make it easier to explore potential solutions to health policy problems that state policymakers face. The website also will provide policymakers with innovative approaches from expert analysis and the experience of states in their efforts to improve health care access, affordability and quality.

“With the always evolving health care system, this website is designed to give states a place to find information on a variety of health care problems they might be facing,” said NGA Executive Director Dan Crippen. “Our hope is that this virtual resource center will give states unlimited ideas on how to solve their individual health care problems, learn from other states, identify viable policy options and considerations and stay informed of the federal health policy landscape.”

The website focuses on various topics, including:

  • Planning for 2014: Provides information and analysis relevant to health insurance exchanges, Medicaid and insurance subsidy and tax credit policies that increase health insurance coverage once the Affordable Care Act changes required by 2014 come into effect;
  • Cost Containment: Examines state initiatives to reduce Medicaid costs and maintain access to quality care for beneficiaries;
  • Improving System Performance: Explores ways to lower health care costs, improve the quality of care and provide access to many people as possible;
  • Prevention and Health Promotion: Considers how states can use their various roles to promote better health among state residents;
  • Workforce: Focuses on how states can develop effective workforce planning and development strategies to respond to the growing demand on health care; and
  • Health Information Technology: Shares ways to improve system performance, support patient self-management, support widespread adoption of electronic health records and design effective health information exchanges.

Each of the topic areas includes policy options for states; case studies of state-led efforts; federal regulations, guidance and grant opportunities for states; and expert sources with subject matter expertise.

To view the new website, please visit: http://statepolicyoptions.nga.org.