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Yumi Hogan


Maryland’s First Lady Yumi Hogan is the first Korean American first lady in the United States. Mrs. Hogan is a first-generation Korean American, an accomplished artist and an adjunct professor at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Mrs. Hogan grew up on a farm in the South Korean countryside and immigrated to the United States more than 40 years ago. Her artwork, created on traditional Hanji paper with traditional Sumi ink, has been featured in art shows and museums around Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and Seoul, Korea. In 2010, she won the Caruso Award at the International Juried Exhibition Circle Gallery in Annapolis.

As first lady, Mrs. Hogan plans to support the arts community and advocate for arts programs in schools across the state, and host exhibitions for Maryland artists at Government House. In addition, she plans to become involved with organizations aimed at supporting single mothers and victims of domestic violence.

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