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Abiram Chamberlain

Gov. Abiram Chamberlain

  • January 7, 1903 - January 4, 1905
  • Republican
  • December 7, 1837
  • May 15, 1911
  • Connecticut
  • Williston Seminary
  • Married to Charlotte Roberts; two children


ABIRAM CHAMBERLAIN was born in Colebrook, Connecticut, on December 7, 1837. He studied civil engineering at the Williston Seminary in Easthampton, Massachusetts. After working at his father’s engineering firm for several years, Chamberlain entered into the banking business. In 1881 he served as president of the New Britain National Bank, and later served as vice president of the Meriden Savings Bank. Chamberlain entered politics in the 1870s, as a member of the Meriden city council. He also served as a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives from 1877 to 1878, and was Connecticut’s state comptroller from 1901 to 1902. Chamberlain won the 1902 Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected Connecticut’s 43rd governor. During his tenure, he signed legislation that sanctioned the establishment of the Connecticut State Police, and he endorsed laws that assisted workers. On January 4, 1905, Chamberlain left office and retired from public service. He returned to his various business interests in Meriden. Governor Abiram Chamberlain died on May 15, 1911, and is buried at the Walnut Grove Cemetery in Meriden, Connecticut.


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