Augustus Osborn Bourn

Gov. Augustus Osborn Bourn

Rhode Island

May 29, 1883 - May 26, 1885

October 1, 1834

January 28, 1925


Brown University

Birth State
Rhode Island

National Office(s) Served:

Military Service:
National Guard

Married Elizabeth Roberts Morrill; five children


AUGUSTUS OSBORN BOURN was born in Providence, Rhode Island. After graduating from Brown University, he went to work in his father’s rubber business, which he later took over after his father’s death, incorporating it as the Providence Rubber Company. He also established the National Rubber Company with a large factory in Bristol, Rhode Island, ultimately merging it with the Providence Rubber Company. Bourn was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Rhode Island Cavalry. He represented Bristol in the state Senate for seven years prior to becoming governor. During his gubernatorial administration, a constitutional amendment—later known as the Bourn Amendment—was proposed to extend suffrage to naturalized citizens. After leaving office, Bourn served as U.S. Consul-General to Italy for four years.


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