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Charles Henry Sawyer
New Hampshire

Gov. Charles Henry Sawyer

  • June 2, 1887 - June 6, 1889
  • Republican
  • March 30, 1840
  • January 18, 1908
  • New York
  • Married Susan Ellen Cowan; five children


CHARLES H. SAWYER, the fiftieth governor of New Hampshire, was born in Watertown, New York on March 30, 1840. After his family moved to New Hampshire, young Sawyer attended the public schools in Dover, as well as the Franklin Academy. He then went to work, learning to run the Sawyer Woolen Mills Company, a business in which he served as president of in 1881. Sawyer first entered politics as a member of the Dover city council. He also served as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from 1869 to 1871 and 1876 to 1878; was the aide-de-camp to Governor Charles Bell in 1881; and served as a delegate to the 1884 Republican National Convention. Sawyer next secured the 1887 Republican gubernatorial nomination. After a close popular election, the legislature named Sawyer the official governor. During his tenure, he represented the state in several national centennial ceremonies. Also, the Hazen railroad bill was vetoed; and the state’s vacant U.S. senatorial seat was filled. After completing his term, Sawyer secured an appointment to represent the state at the Paris Exposition. Governor Charles H. Sawyer passed away on January 18, 1908 in Dover, New Hampshire.


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