Daniel Rose

Gov. Daniel Rose


January 2, 1822 - January 5, 1822

July 31, 1772

October 25, 1833


Yale University

Succeeded, NGA Chair

Birth State

Married twice--Miss Hammond, Olive Peaseley; seven children


DANIEL ROSE, the fourth governor of Maine, was born in Connecticut on July 31, 1772. His education was attained at Yale University, where he graduated in 1791. He studied medicine, and then established a medical practice in Boothbay. During the War of 1812, he served as a captain of engineers. Rose entered politics in 1820, serving as a member of the Maine State Senate, a position he held four years. He also served as president of the senate from 1822 to 1824. On January 2, 1822, Governor Benjamin Ames resigned from office and Rose, who was president of the senate at the time, assumed the duties of the governorship. He served in this capacity until January 5, 1822, and then returned to his senatorial seat. In 1824, he became the first warden of the Maine State Prison, an office he held until 1828, when he resigned. From 1828 to 1831, he served as the Land Agent for Maine. Governor Daniel Rose passed away on October 25, 1833.


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