Elmore Yocum Sarles

Gov. Elmore Yocum Sarles

North Dakota

January 4, 1905 - January 9, 1907

January 15, 1859

February 14, 1929


University of Galesville

Birth State

Married Anna York; four children


ELMORE Y. SARLES, the ninth governor of North Dakota, was born in Wonewoc, Wisconsin on January 15, 1859. His education was attained in the Prescott public schools, and at the University of Galesville. Before entering politics, Sarles was a successful businessman with interests in the banking, lumber, and manufacturing industries. He first entered politics in 1900, serving as mayor of Hillsboro, North Dakota, a position he held two years. Sarles next secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected governor by a popular vote on November 8, 1904. During his tenure, dairy product sales were regulated; a pure food and drug bill was sanctioned; an irrigation code was approved; and a surplus was attained in the state treasury. After running unsuccessfully for reelection, Sarles retired from political life. He continued to stay active in his various business ventures. Governor Elmore Y. Sarles passed away on February 14, 1929.


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