George Bell Timmerman

Gov. George Bell Timmerman

South Carolina

January 18, 1955 - January 20, 1959

August 11, 1912

November 29, 1994


The Citadel, University of South Carolina

Birth State
South Carolina

Military Service:

Married Helen M. DuPre


GEORGE BELL TIMMERMAN was born in Anderson, South Carolina. He attended The Citadel in Charleston and received a law degree from the University of South Carolina in 1937. In addition to engaging in the private practice of law, he was Assistant Chief Trial Attorney for the South Carolina Public Service Authority in 1941 and Lieutenant Governor prior to being elected governor. Following the lead of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education that school segregation was unconstitutional, the Interstate Commerce Commission took a stand against segregation on public transportation, and South Carolina’s bus segregation law was declared unconstitutional during Timmerman’s gubernatorial term. Timmerman joined with the governors of Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia to urge the adoption of legislation protesting federal encroachment with respect to school integration. He also spoke out against federal aid to education.


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