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George D. Aiken

Gov. George D. Aiken

  • January 7, 1937 - January 9, 1941
  • Republican
  • August 20, 1892
  • November 19, 1984
  • Vermont
  • Married Beatrice M. Howard; four children
  • Senator


GEORGE D. AIKEN was born in Dummerston, Vermont and educated in the public schools in Putney, Vermont. After finishing high school, he became involved in the fruit farming and nursery business and wrote a book in 1936 titled Pioneering with Wildflowers, followed by a companion work titled Pioneering with Fruits and Berries. He also served as a school director in Putney from 1920 to 1937. He was elected to the 1930-31 and 1931-32 sessions of the state House of Representatives, where he served as Speaker. He was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1934 and became a candidate for governor the following year. As governor, he succeeded in preserving states’ rights when the federal government attempted to take land by condemnation for flood control. He also fought against special interest groups and sought to make the Republican Party the party of the common man. Elected to the U.S. Senate to fill a vacancy, Aiken went on to serve an additional six terms.


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