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James Emilius Broome

Gov. James Emilius Broome

  • October 3, 1853 - October 5, 1857
  • Democratic
  • December 15, 1808
  • November 23, 1883
  • South Carolina
  • Married Martha Macon; remarried four times; three children


JAMES EMILIUS BROOME, Florida’s third Governor, was born in Hamburg, South Carolina, on December 15, 1808. In 1837 he moved to Tallahassee, Florida, where he became one of the largest plantation owners in the state. He served on the bench of the Leon County Probate Court, a position he held from 1843 to 1848. Broome entered politics on October 4, 1852, with his election to Florida’s governorship. He was sworn into office on October 3, 1853. During his tenure, he was a proponent of states’ rights and, in an effort to attain those rights, he endorsed the secession movement. Governor Broome vetoed numerous legislative measures and his most decisive undertaking was his veto on a bill that would have eliminated the State Supreme Court. After leaving office on October 5, 1857, Broome continued to stay active in public service. He served in the Florida State Senate from 1860 to 1864. A year later, he left Florida politics and moved to New York City. While visiting his son in DeLand, Florida, Governor James E. Broome passed away on November 23, 1883.


Florida State Archives holds the official papers of Governor Broome

Museum of Florida History: Florida Governors’ Portraits

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