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John Fremont Hill

Gov. John Fremont Hill

  • January 2, 1901 - January 4, 1905
  • Republican
  • October 29, 1855
  • March 16, 1912
  • Maine
  • Maine Medical School
  • Married twice--Lizzie Vickery, Laura Colman Ligget; one child
  • Physician/Dentist


JOHN F. HILL, the forty-fifth governor of Maine, was born in Eliot, Maine on October 29, 1855. His early education was attained in the public schools of his native state. He attended the Maine Medical School in Brunswick, where he earned his M.D. in 1877. However, he only practiced medicine for a short time before switching careers. Hill established the successful Vickery and Hill Publishing Company, and expanded his holdings, opening several branches in major cities. He entered politics in 1889, serving as a member of the Maine House of Representatives, a position he held three years. He also served as a member of the Maine State Senate from 1893 to 1897, was a presidential elector in 1896, and served as a member of the governor’s executive council from 1899 to 1900. In 1900, Hill won the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and then went on to win the general election by a popular vote. He was reelected to a second term in 1902. During his tenure, the state’s development of railroads, utilities, and roads were advocated for. After completing his term, Hill left office on January 4, 1905. After serving as a member and chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1904 to 1908 and again from 1910 to 1912, Hill retired from politics and returned to his publishing business. Governor John F. Hill passed away on March 16, 1912.


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