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John Taylor
South Carolina

Gov. John Taylor

  • December 1, 1826 - December 1, 1828
  • Democratic-Republican
  • May 4, 1770
  • February 23, 1832
  • South Carolina
  • Princeton University
  • Married Sarah Cantey Chesnut; nine children survived to maturity
  • Representative, Senator


JOHN TAYLOR was born in Granby, South Carolina. He graduated from Princeton University and went on to study and practice law. In addition to serving as a trustee of South Carolina College and a director of the college’s Theological Seminary, he was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives for a number of non-consecutive terms beginning in 1793, a Circuit Court Solicitor (1805-1806), Intendant (mayor) of Columbia, South Carolina (1806-1807), a member of both the U.S. House of Representatives (1807-1810) and the U.S. Senate (1810-1816), and a member of the South Carolina Senate (1822-1826) prior to being elected governor by the state legislature. During his gubernatorial administration, the movement against protective tariffs grew. In addition, the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company was chartered to construct a transportation system connecting Charleston to a number of other cities, including Columbia. After Taylor’s gubernatorial term expired, he served as commissioner for the inspection of bread and flour in Columbia, commissioner for the opening of Broad River, and commissioner of streets for Columbia.


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