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Joseph McMinn

Gov. Joseph McMinn

  • September 27, 1815 - October 1, 1821
  • Democratic-Republican
  • June 22, 1758
  • November 17, 1824
  • Pennsylvania
  • Married three times--Hannah Cooper, Rebecca Kincaid, Mrs. Nancy (Glasgow) Williams; one child
  • Army


JOSEPH MC MINN was born in West Marlborough Township, West Chester County, Pennsylvania. After serving in Virginia during the Revolutionary War, he moved to Tennessee and built a home known as “New Market” near Rogersville in Hawkins County. He was a member of the Territorial Legislature from 1794 to 1795 and a member of the State Constitutional Convention of 1796. He served in the state Senate from 1807 to 1809. During his three terms as governor, he played an important role in negotiating treaties with Indian tribes that led to cessions of considerable land to Tennessee. After retiring from office, he purchased a farm near Calhoun. Two years later he was placed in charge of the Cherokee Agency but died the following year. He was buried in McMinn County, which was named for him.


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Past Governors of Tennessee

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