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Levin Winder

Gov. Levin Winder

  • November 23, 1812 - January 2, 1816
  • Federalist
  • September 4, 1757
  • July 1, 1819
  • Maryland
  • Married Mary Stoughton Sloss; three children
  • Army, National Guard


LEVIN WINDER was born in Somerset County, Maryland on September 4, 1757. He was probably educated at home. He studied law for a while, but with the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, he abandoned his studies and joined the army. He served as a first lieutenant in the 5th Company of Smallwood’s Battalion, and rose through the ranks, earning the rank of lieutenant colonel by the time he was discharged in 1783. After his military service, Winder entered into a career in politics. He served as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from 1789 to 1793 and 1806 to 1809, serving as speaker of the house from 1791 to 1793 and from 1808 to 1809. He also served as a Maryland Senate elector in 1796, 1801 and 1806. The Maryland Legislature elected Winder governor on November 10, 1812. He was reelected to a second term in 1813, and to a third term in 1814. During his tenure, the War of 1812 had started, and although he was personally against it, he aided in the war effort by providing men, arms and provisions. After completing his term, Winder left office on January 2, 1816. Governor Levin Winder passed away on July 1, 1819. His final resting spot was in the family graveyard on his Monie Creek estate near Princess Anne, Somerset County, Maryland.


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