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Marshall Jewell

Gov. Marshall Jewell

  • May 5, 1869 - May 4, 1870
    May 16, 1871 - May 7, 1873
  • Republican
  • October 20, 1825
  • February 10, 1883
  • New Hampshire
  • Married Esther E. Dickinson; two children
  • Ambassador


MARSHALL JEWELL, Connecticut’s 27th governor was born in Winchester, New Hampshire, on October 20, 1825. He was educated in New Hampshire’s public school system, and apprenticed as a tanner under the supervision of his father. Jewell later learned the telegraphy business and moved to Akron, Ohio, where he supervised a telegraph office. He also was active and one of the first members of the Republican party in Connecticut. Jewell first entered politics in 1867 as an unsuccessful candidate for the Connecticut State Senate. He was unsuccessful again the following year, when he ran for governor of Connecticut. He was successful in 1869, and was elected Governor of Connecticut. Jewell lost his reelection bid in 1870, but won reelection in 1871 and 1872. During his tenure, Jewell’s administration supported women’s rights. He advocated for a woman’s right to vote and for developing opportunities in educating women. The state militia also was restructured during Jewell’s administration. After leaving office, Jewell was appointed in 1873, as minister to Russia. He served as minister until August 24, 1874, when he was then appointed President Grant’s postmaster general, a position he held until July 12, 1876. Jewell also chaired the 1880 Republican National Convention. Governor Marshall Jewell died on February 10, 1883, and is buried at the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut.


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