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Samuel Adams

Gov. Samuel Adams

  • April 29, 1844 - November 9, 1844
  • Democrat
  • June 5, 1805
  • February 27, 1850
  • Virginia
  • Married twice--Rebecca May; Catherine Fagan; eight children
  • Succeeded


SAMUEL ADAMS was born in Halifax County, Virginia, on June 5, 1805. He was self-taught, and moved to Arkansas in 1835, where he became a planter. Adams entered politics in 1840, when he was elected to the Arkansas Senate. He served as president of the Senate during his second term. On April 29, 1844, Governor Archibald Yell resigned from office to run for Congress, and Adams who was president of the Arkansas Senate at the time, became acting governor. He served as acting governor until November 9, 1844. During his tenure, he endorsed Yell’s agenda on internal improvements and education, and he was also a proponent of Yell’s financial programs. When he left office in November, there was a surplus in the state treasury. After his brief role in the governor’s office, Adams was elected in 1846, to the state treasurer’s office. He served in this capacity until his death on February 27, 1850.


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