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Teller Ammons

Gov. Teller Ammons

  • January 12, 1937 - January 10, 1939
  • Democratic
  • December 3, 1895
  • January 16, 1972
  • Colorado
  • University of Denver, Westminster Law School
  • Married Esther Daves; one child
  • Army


TELLER AMMONS, the son of Colorado Governor Elias M. Ammons (1913-1915), was born on December 3, 1895, in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Denver in 1921, and earned a law degree from Westminster Law School in 1929. During World War I, Ammons served with the 154th Infantry in France. He first entered politics when he was elected to Colorado’s State Senate in 1930. He was reelected in 1934, but resigned when he was appointed in 1935 to serve as Denver’s city attorney. On November 3, 1936, Ammons was elected Colorado’s 28th governor, and on January 12, 1937, he was sworn into office. During his tenure, the State Water Conservation Board and the State Game and Fish Department were founded. The State Industrial School was restructured, the Big Thompson Highway was opened, and employment opportunities increased through the Works Progress Administration. A scandal hit Ammon’s administration in 1937, when eavesdropping devices were found in his office. Three men were charged and found guilty of conspiracy and eavesdropping. Governor Ammons who was cleared of any wrongdoing, was defeated in his reelection bid. He later served as an Army Officer Selection Board Member, and he was an executive in the military government of Guam. He traveled extensively in his latter years, and died on January 16, 1972. Governor Ammons is buried at the Fairmont Cemetery in Denver.


Colorado State Archives

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