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Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin

Gov. Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin

  • January 10, 1951 - January 14, 1959
  • Republican
  • November 20, 1900
  • August 10, 1974
  • Maryland
  • University of Maryland School of Law; Johns Hopkins University
  • Married Honolulu Manzer; two children


THEODORE R. MCKELDIN was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 20, 1900. His education was attained at Baltimore City College, and at the University of Maryland, where he earned a law degree in 1925. He also took advanced economic courses at Johns Hopkins University. McKeldin entered public service in 1927, serving as Executive Secretary to the mayor of Baltimore, a position he held four years. He was elected mayor of Baltimore, serving from 1943 to 1947. McKeldin secured the 1950 Republican gubernatorial nomination, and then went on to win election to the Maryland governorship on November 7, 1950. He was reelected to a second term in 1954. During his tenure, the state highways were some of the best in the country; the Maryland port authority was established; construction of new state office buildings in both Baltimore and Annapolis was initiated; the Patuxent Institute for the criminally insane was authorized; and an administrative organization commission was launched. McKeldin left office on January 14, 1959 and returned to Baltimore. He continued to stay politically active, serving as mayor of Baltimore from 1963 to 1967. President Lyndon Johnson appointed him to an interim position with the Indian Claims Commission. The President also sent him to Vietnam to observe the 1967 elections in that country. Governor Theodore R. McKeldin passed away on August 10, 1974, and was buried in Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland.


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Maryland State Archives

Theodore R. McKeldin papers (Archives UM: Encoded Archival Description at the University of Maryland)

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