Energy Innovation Summit

October 4–5, 2017 | Denver, CO

The world is changing rapidly, with innovative technologies affecting our way of life and how businesses operate. From how we power our buildings to the cars we drive, or drive themselves, we are witnessing the “fourth industrial revolution” in which digital and connected technologies are leading to amazing new opportunities. The rapid pace of technological innovation also brings challenges, as states seek to keep regulatory programs current and networks modern and protected and workers seek to remain relevant. Governors can mitigate risks and seize opportunities through proactive measures, partnerships and policies that help improve quality of life and economic development. These topics are the focus of Governor Sandoval’s 2017–2018 National Governors Association (NGA) Chair’s initiative, Ahead of the Curve: Innovation Governors.

The Energy Innovation Summit provided governors’ advisors ideas on how to:

  • Support technology innovation;
  • Modernize policy and regulatory processes;
  • Prepare the workforce;
  • Update communications and data systems;
  • Protect against cyber threats; and
  • Educate citizens about benefits and risks of technological innovation.

The summit focused on a variety of technological transformations such as:

  • Smart communications systems and advanced metering;
  • Distributed and connected energy resources, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, battery storage, and microgrids;
  • Automated building energy management systems;
  • Digital and connected advancements in traditional fuel development;
  • Increased transportation electrification and the impact of electric vehicles; and
  • Communications networks that underpin energy sector transformation.

Also at the summit:

  • States toured the Solar Decathlon and see future technologies in action;
  • NGA presented a set of energy innovation “story maps” that includes state-specific insights on the technological innovation and opportunities in each state;
  • State teams developed a list of lessons learned and next steps; and
  • NGA will harvest key ideas to inform a state energy innovation policy road map to be released in 2018.



October 4, 2017

Welcome to the NGA Energy Innovation Summit

  • R. Kirk Jonas, director, NGA Center for Best Practices (NGA Center)

State Team Introductions  

  • Sue Gander, division director, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center

Welcome to Colorado

  • Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Experts Roundtable on Staying Ahead of Energy Innovation  

  • Stanley Porter, principal, Deloitte Consulting


  • Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper
  • Nick Akins, chief executive officer, American Electric Power
  • Professor Peter Fox-Penner, director, Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy
  • Adrian Tuck, chief executive officer, Tendril

TEP Talks: Technology, Energy & Policy Futures 

  • Dan Lauf, senior policy analyst, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center

Speakers & Topics:

Lunch & Keynote: Pathways to a 21st Century Energy Utility

  • Peter Kind, executive director, Energy Infrastructure Advocates

How States Stay Ahead of the Energy Innovation Curve 

  • Sue Gander, division director, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center


  • Angela Dykema, director, Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy
  • Bill Grant, deputy commissioner for energy and telecommunications, Minnesota Department of Commerce
  • Macky McCleary, administrator, Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
  • Sadzi Oliva, acting commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission

Fostering Clean Tech R&D and Innovation Ecosystems

  • R. Kirk Jonas, director, NGA Center


  • William C. Harris, president & CEO, Science Foundation Arizona
  • Brian Young, director of economic development for the clean technology sector, Washington State Department of Commerce
  • Ram Narayanamurthy, technical executive, Electric Power Research Institute

State Role in Enabling Data Access and Protecting Consumer Privacy 

  • Dan Lauf, senior policy analyst, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center


  • Andrew McAllister, commissioner, California Energy Commission
  • Yoav Lurie, founder and chief executive officer, Simple Energy
  • Tony Sanchez, senior vice president, government and community strategy, NV Energy

Addressing Cybersecurity in an Era of Increased Connectivity 

  • Sue Gander, division director, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center


  • Art House, chief cybersecurity risk officer, State of Connecticut
  • Neale Lunderville, general manager, Burlington Electric Department
  • Tim Woods, Vice President, integrated tactical solutions, Sierra Nevada Corporation

October 5, 2017

Preparing the Workforce for New Energy Technologies

  • Sue Gander, division director, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center


  • Tamika Jacques, director of workforce development, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
  • Martin Stansbury, principal, energy & resources practice, digital cloud ERP & integration practice leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Jessie Klein, operational excellence & training technical services manager, NextEra

The Role of Communications Infrastructure in Advancing Energy Innovation

  • Patricio Portillo, policy analyst, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center


  • Tad Deriso, president & CEO, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation
  • Phillip Brown, executive director, Kentucky Communications Network Authority
  • Robert Hance, CEO, Midwest Energy & Communications

Innovative Technologies Supporting Traditional Fuel Sectors 

  • Doug Scott, vice president for strategic initiatives, Great Plains Institute


  • Matt Most, vice president government relations & sustainability, Encana Oil & Gas Inc.
  • Ari Gesher, director of software engineering, Kairos Aerospace

Capturing the Value Streams from New Technologies 

  • Steve Hauser, executive director, GridWise Alliance


  • Jason Burwen, policy & advocacy director, Energy Storage Association
  • Sara Baldwin Auck, regulatory director, Interstate Renewable Energy Council
  • Paul Alvarez, president, Wired Group

Getting the Most Out of Grid Modernization 

  • Sonia Aggarwal, vice president, Energy Innovation


  • Armando Pimentel, president & CEO, NextEra Energy Resources
  • Chairman Jeffrey Ackermann, Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  • Lisa Schwartz, deputy leader, electricity markets and policy group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Kristin Munsch, deputy director, Illinois Citizens Utility Board

Lunch & Keynote: The Role of the Electric Utility in Energy Innovation

  • Anne Pramaggiore, president and chief executive officer, Commonwealth Edison Company